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You want to make your farming easier and more profitable your floors? Use Fieldball!

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Field Ball - mass transport without damage to the soil

Fieldball has been developed for mass transport ON THE FIELD only. Trailers with Fieldball are able to transport large masses from and to the edge of the field without damaging the soil.

The extremely large load area in connection with the air pressure of about 0.5 bar permit payloads in excess of 20 t without the familiar problem of deep ruts. Since the chassis can only be used on overgrown underground, it is perfect for no-till operations.

Today's large agricultural machines can be equipped with tyres to protect the soil fully or mostly from damage.
Vehicles and trailers moving loads in excess of 20 t on the field are a different matter. They cause ruts even in normal soils. This means compaction that has to be levelled out and loosened up by expensive soil processing.

Fieldball puts an end to this. Fieldball closes a gap in modern agriculture – soil-protective mass transport on the field.


Trailer, equipped with ball field, are used for:

Basic fertilizer application

Bulk fertilizer spreader in moist soil conditions cause similar Damage such as transfer vehicles during harvest.

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Crop transport

Each year, the harvest continues to thunderstorms, for example, if the grains are dry.

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biomass yield

The advantages for the basic fertilizer application mentioned above also apply to the application of biomass.

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